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a front-on photo of a Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier Screening kit with two swabsa front-on photo of a Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier Screening kit with two swabs
a front-on photo of a Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier Screening kit with two swabs
Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier Screening test kit contents
A photo of the 2 swabs and Sample ID stickers included in a Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier Screening test
A photo of the instruction booklet included with a Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier Screening test
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The front of a Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier screening kit photographed from above
The back of a Lumi Health Comprehensive Carrier screening kit photographed from above

Comprehensive Carrier Screening Test


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1,240+ genes

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Test type

Couple (2 swabs, combined report)

The Comprehensive Carrier Screening bundle includes a bulk-billed Standard Carrier Screening Test, plus a Comprehensive Carrier Screening Test.

Our most comprehensive carrier screening option.

Take control of your family planning and make informed decisions. This carrier screening test will reveal if you have an increased chance of having a child with a serious genetic condition. 

Please note – our turnaround time for Comprehensive Carrier Screening results is currently 6–8 weeks from when your sample arrives at our lab.

About Comprehensive Carrier Screening testing

This test looks at over 1,240 genes associated with hundreds of inherited conditions.

This is a couples’ test. Your kit will include two swabs – one for you and one for your partner. You’ll both be tested and will receive a combined report. The report will show whether you’re both carriers for any of the genetic conditions covered by testing. If yes, you have an increased chance of having children with those conditions.

Testing covers the more common, inherited conditions, such as:

  • Cystic fibrosis (CF),
  • Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA),
  • Fragile X syndrome,
  • Tay-Sachs disease,
  • Mitochondrial disorder,
  • and many more other, rarer conditions.

What will my results look like?

When you take a couple’s test, we’ll create a couples’ report for you and your partner. Instead of individual results for each gene, you’ll receive a combined report highlighting your chance as a couple of having children with any of the conditions screened for.

You will also get the chance to speak to a genetic counsellor about your results. They’ll be able to take you through your report, explain what your results mean, and answer any questions you may have.

As a reproductive couple, you only need this test once in your lifetime. However, if you change reproductive partners in the future, you'll need to retest.

How does the Comprehensive Carrier Screening test work?

To take the test, simply order a kit online through our site and we’ll ship a kit directly to you. No referral is required. You don't need to speak to a doctor before ordering online; our Lumi doctors will determine your suitability for testing after you order via a telehealth consultation (free of charge).

Once your kit arrives, simply complete the cheek swab in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The swab is quick, painless, and non-invasive. You’ll also receive a reply-paid envelope you can use to mail your sample back to our lab.

Our lab scientists examine your genes to determine whether you are a carrier for any of the conditions we screen for. If both you and your partner are carriers of the same condition, then you’ll have an increased chance of your children inheriting that condition.

Genetic counselling is included in your purchase. In the event you and your partner have an increased chance, we’ll guide you through all your options and things to consider. You can still have a safe pregnancy, even with an increased chance result.

Included in your order

2 Lumi cheek swabs and 2 Sample ID stickers

At-home test kit with 2 cheek swabs

a Lumi instructions booklet and reply-paid envelope

Instruction booklet & reply-paid envelope

a close up photo of a microscope in a laboratory

Testing performed in accredited laboratories

a smartphone showing the Lumi patient portal results page

Couple's report with combined risk results

a smartphone showing a video call between a genetic counsellor and a smiling couple

Access to genetic counsellors

Our carrier screening lab

a scientist in the Lumi lab holding a DNA array panel

Your sample is processed at our Australian laboratory. Our qualified scientists and lab technicians perform extraction of your DNA using advanced medical technology.

We also own a lab in the USA, which we use to perform high-tech exome sequencing for our extended and comprehensive tests.

All our labs are certified by internationally recognised agencies, including NATA, CLIA, and CAP. This is achieved by maintaining a high standard of testing, accuracy, and passing regular inspections.

How carrier screening works

All our kits use a non-invasive cheek swab you can do at home.

  1. Order online

    order carrier screening online, illustration of a shopping cart

    Select a kit and complete your purchase online. Your kit will be shipped to you in the mail. No referral required.

    a hand holding up a Lumi carrier screening kit
  2. Swab at home

    swab at home, illustration of a house

    Once you receive your test kit, complete the simple cheek swab in the comfort and privacy of your home.

    a close up of hands holding a Lumi Sample ID and swab
  3. Mail your swab

    mail your swab, illustration of a swab in an envelope

    Register your kit online and send your swab back to our accredited laboratory in the pre-paid envelope.

    putting a Lumi swab into an envelope
  4. Discover your results

    discover your results, illustration of a heart on a computer monitor

    After we process your sample, your results are accessible online via a secure login portal.

    A phone showing the Lumi Patient portal

Frequently asked questions

Our clinical experts and genetic counselling team are here to assist you.

  • What is carrier screening?


    Carrier screening is a type of test that checks whether you are carrying specific gene variants in your DNA that could cause genetic conditions in your children.

    If both you and your partner are carriers of the same gene variant, there is an increased chance of your children inheriting the condition. However, it does not guarantee that they will inherit the condition.

    Taking a carrier screening test allows women and couples to make informed reproductive choices. It can provide peace-of-mind through an understanding of your chance of having a child with a genetic condition.

  • What does carrier screening test for? What will I learn?


    Lumi has a range of carrier screening products available, which test for a different number of genes and conditions.

    Our most basic test is the Standard Carrier Screening test, which covers 3 genes and 3 of the more common inherited conditions: cystic fibrosis (CF), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and fragile X syndrome.

    This test is for individual biological females and is done using a simple cheek swab. You'll learn whether you are a carrier for the 3 conditions above. If you are a carrier, your reproductive partner should also be tested so you can understand your combined chance of passing on conditions to your children.

    We also offer Extended Carrier Screening and Comprehensive Carrier Screening testing options. Comprehensive screening covers more than 1,240 genes, including the 3 from Standard screening.

    These tests are for couples and will include 2 swabs. You will learn about your chance as a couple of having children with any of the conditions screened for. If you change partners in the future, you may need to re-test.

  • What does carrier screening cost?


    The cost of carrier screening varies depending on the type of screening and provider. Lumi offers bulk billed testing for Medicare-eligible customers.

    The Standard Carrier Screening test costs $0.00 out of pocket for all Medicare eligible Australians. Without Medicare, the test costs $360.00.

    An Extended Carrier Screening test costs $740.00 with Medicare, or $1,100.00 without Medicare. Comprehensive Carrier Screening test costs $890.00 with Medicare, or $1,250.00 without Medicare.

    All our prices are in Australian Dollars ($AUD). We also provide free shipping on all orders. Prices may change during sales or other events, please refer to our shop for the most accurate pricing.

  • Who should do a carrier screening test?


    Leading colleges for women's health practitioners in both Australia and globally recommend that “all women and couples planning pregnancy should be offered screening for genetic conditions” regardless of ethnicity or family history1.

    Screening is relevant to anyone planning a pregnancy or currently pregnant. However, choosing to have carrier screening is a personal choice for you and/or your partner. Even if you've had children previously and haven't been tested yet, testing is still worthwhile.

    You don't need to have a family history to be a carrier, in fact most carriers have no family history of the condition.

  • When should I do a carrier screening test?


    Carrier screening is ideally done before you get pregnant. This gives you the most reproductive options and allows you to make the most well-informed decisions about your family planning.

    However, screening can be done within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. If you and your partner are found to be carriers of the same condition, you can choose to test your pregnancy.

  • How do I do the test?


    Simply order a test online on our site and we will send a kit directly to you. All our tests only involve a simple cheek swab that can be done in the privacy, comfort, and safety of your own home.

    The cheek swab only takes a minute to complete. There are no blood tests, needles, or saliva tests.

    Screening done on a cheek swab is just as accurate as screening on blood samples. Doing your screening by a cheek swab is convenient as it is pain free and can be returned by post to the testing laboratory.

    Once you've followed the instructions included in your kit, you can send your sample back to our lab using the reply-paid envelope included in your kit. Our lab will run your sample once it arrives back at our lab.

  • How long does it take to get my results?


    Once our lab receives your sample (and your partner's sample if you've bought a couples' test), it can take up to 4 weeks (Standard Carrier Screening) or 6–8 weeks (Extended, Comprehensive Carrier Screening) for your results to be ready from when our lab receives your sample(s).

    The exact time to get your results can vary depending on how long it takes for your kit to arrive via post or for your sample to be returned to our lab.

  • What is the advantage of couples' testing?


    When planning a pregnancy, taking a carrier screening test as a couple provides you with more clinically relevant information than a single's test alone, making your results simpler and easier to understand. It is often also more cost-effective than taking multiple individual tests.

    We are focused on providing reports that are the most clinically relevant to the reproductive couple being screened. Our couple-based reporting best supports healthcare providers in their patient management and reduces the need to explain non-relevant genetic information.

    Over 80% of individuals are healthy carriers of at least one of the conditions in our extended and comprehensive tests. We do not report individual carrier status where it is not relevant to the health context of the couple being screened.

  • Are my results and data private and confidential?


    Your privacy is very important to us – we believe your genetic data belongs to you. All your screening results are private and confidential – only you will have access. All your personal information is stored on highly secure, encrypted servers.

    In case new evidence becomes available or re-testing is required, your sample is securely stored in our vault after analysis. However, after testing is completed, you can request to have your sample securely disposed of by our lab staff.

    We never share your information with third parties without your consent. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

  • Does genetic testing affect my insurance?


    Genetic test results do not need to be disclosed in relation to health insurance. However, life insurance requires an assessment of individual risk and results may need to be disclosed. There is currently a moratorium (a freeze) in place (until 30th June 2024) that limits the use of genetic test results for new life insurance policies worth up to $500,000.

    Above $500,000 – the insurance company can ask for genetic test results but can only use them if relevant to the cover you’re applying for.

  • Do I need a doctor's referral?


    No. You can organise testing directly through Lumi at any time without prior referral from a doctor or GP.

    After ordering, you will be able to discuss any questions you have with one of Lumi's qualified practitioners. You will also have the opportunity to speak with a genetic counsellor about your results before your report is released.